Our new play, Kill Climate Deniers, is an unwieldy theatrical beast, and unlike anything THAT Production Company has tackled before. We asked our Assistant Director, Liam Lowth, to share his thoughts.

Just what is Kill Climate Deniers?

I’d say you’d need more luck answering that than you would in seeing a lightning storm crack three states over, and then, perfectly sketching the branches of its strike. Also, you’re blind.

I have no idea what Kill Climate Deniers is. I’ve read nothing like it before, nor do I expect to anytime soon, and that’s because it feels delivered by tractor beam from a world I can’t pronounce.

There comes a point in the creative process where people, be they family, friends, strangers worried for your sanity, will call on what you’ve been working on these long, late hours. ‘So what’s it all about?’ they chorus. And you, perspiring like a carton of eggs left out in January, begin the laundry list:

Well, it’s sorta/kinda/maybe…

·         Like a spiritual successor to the film White House Down. This time the budgets been cut and we’ve crash landed in Parliament House. Fear not, it’s still brimming with bang-bang rollick and smouldering. Eat your heart out Channing.

·         Like finding your iPod Nano from ten years ago in that drawer you’ve assigned for the accumulation of things destined for non-use. Headphones in, you cycle through to the Top 25 Played Songs of those years gone by and immediately, a cool, wave-like sensation of ‘Oh yeah I remember…’ starts lapping against the sides of your brain walls.

·         Like a PowerPoint presentation on the realities of climate change delivered by Mr. Gore himself, only he’s been on an IV drip filtering black coffee into his veins for the last 48 hours, and his slides have gotten mixed up with his diary, his shopping lists, and a TV guide from the Courier.

It’s at this point those people who asked will smile and nod, in a manner that almost allows you see the ventriloquist strings at the sides of their mouth. So look, if anything, Kill Climate Deniers is all of that and more, blended up at your local juice bar, served chilled and ready to drink. It’s a dance party detailing our doom.

The rehearsal space for KCD has similarly, been a place full of play. I need to thank David Finnigan, the alien who wrote this play, for opening up to us a sense of pliancy in story and how to approach it all in the oddest, most immediate way. We’ve thrown ourselves into the hurricane of words that that the text is, and come out the other side afraid, battle-weary, and ready to explain sage truths through choreographed dance to you all. BYO seatbelts to the performance; it’s a wild ride.

Kill Climate Deniers is on at Metro Arts from Wed 15 – Sat 25 May. Book your tickets here.


Liam Lowth is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. His fiction and essays have been featured in Tincture Journal, Veronica Mag, and Writer's Edit, among others. Liam’s story, ‘Jennifer Aniston Eats Strawberries in Paris,’ was performed in Adelaide at the 2017 Quart Short Summer Event. In 2018, Liam graduated from the Griffith Film School with a Bachelor of Film & Screen Media. His creative disciplines in screenwriting have seen the development of both short and long form written screen work in Australia, the US, and Canada. In 2019, Liam will assistant direct the Queensland premiere of Kill Climate Deniers at Metro Arts with THAT Production Company. Liam is currently developing his second feature film script.