Image by LeAnne Vincent Photography

Image by LeAnne Vincent Photography

My name is Cassandra (Cass) Ramsay, and I’m the Creative Producer at THAT Production Company. Both Timothy Wynn (Artistic Director) and I highly value transparency when creating and experiencing theatre. Thus we present... THAT Blog.


What is THAT blog?

THAT blog will be many things; a summary of some of our events, responses to particular issues, questions that are niggling at us and anything else that we feel might be appropriate to share here rather than via our videos or eNewsletters.

These writings will be a series of personal learnings and reflections, fully owned by the individual who writes them. It will also be a chance for us to see how many times we can make puns using the word THAT. Cuz THAT’s what we've been doing since 2009.

This blog is about bringing together many viewpoints, about sharing the ins and outs of different roles in the arts, about developing an appetite for the arts and community engagement and about celebrating what drives us and disclosing what worries us and facing what scares us.


Who will contribute?

I’m very lucky in my role of Creative Producer because I get to work with everyone on the team, and I also get to experience a unique perspective of the creation and reception of each event. Primarily Tim and I will be writing THAT blog, but considering how fortunate we have been in meeting some amazingly inspiring, intelligent and courageous people on our journey, it only makes sense that we invite our collaborators, mentors and supporters to contribute from time to time.


Can I contribute?

Sure! Shoot your idea to me at and let’s talk! Knowledge is power, the more the merrier, and all THAT jazz.


What other blogs can you recommend?

Here are our four of our favourite arts-related blogs - two from renowned companies and two from individual artists currently working in the the industry.


Sydney Theatre Company – Magazine

STC have great interviews and insights into their program on their online magazine; the articles supplement the viewing of each production – or if you’re like us and it’s a bit difficult to get from Ipswich to Sydney as often as you like, the Magazine also provides a way for artists to keep their finger on the pulse of all the happenings at the company. STC describe it as “a vibrant tangle of interviews, features, videos, podcasts, profiles, photo galleries, essays and archival material, shining light on the work that we do and the talented people working with us.”  Neat. And as Johnson's Shampoo taught us in the 90s, the best tangles are vibrant ones.


National Theatre

We both have a bit of a company-crush on the National Theatre, based in London . Their programming choices, the way they present their passionate teams and the pure magic of all their productions leave us so very desperately hungry for a theatrical feast. Their blog (and youtube channel and programs and National Theatre Live program) is incredibly informative and something that anyone interested in any aspect of theatre (including audience development) should get involved in.


I’m Very Tired and Cranky – Kyle Walmsley

Kyle is one of the funniest and most generous writer/actors we’ve ever met, and his reflections and reviews are a great insight into the life of a young independent artist. Kyle also shares our (slightly shameful) love of Dance Moms, so extra points there. I also have a feeling Kyle will become a unique and beloved voice of many an Australian story throughout his career, so by following his blog you can keep your finger on that beating pulse. Click here to follow Kyle on Twitter.


Creating Art in the Desert – Alysha Herrmann

Poet, playwright, producer, performer, teacher, activist, Alysha Herrmann has done it all. Alysha is a true artist who works with and for her community in South Australia. As well as her various writings on her experiences (and her stunning ability for insightful reflection on processes and programs) Alysha writes poetry and has a beautiful collection of #tinytwitterpoems. Alysha attends most of the playwriting and theatre forums that happen around Australia, and is the one to follow if you yourself can’t make it. She often tweets live and posts summaries of the discussions that happen. You can follow Alysha on twitter here