Whether it’s a fish falling from above in a flooding desert, a culture of lost stories and lost people, or a theatre company that is the heart of its community, it is through our legacies that we discover the best and worst of humanity and ourselves.

Legacy is the one of the major themes of When the Rain Stops Falling, our first production of 2016, and is one of our biggest considerations as a company this year. 

You can read more about the show here.

As well as presenting When the Rain Stops Falling at Studio 188 as part of the Ipswich Festival, we will bringing it to Brisbane’s Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.


By bringing the work to Brisbane, we will have the opportunity to showcase our work to leaders in the Brisbane arts industry, develop a new audience and promote the Ipswich creative industry within a new cultural context.

This is an important step in THAT Production Company’s journey to becoming a professional theatre company and we invite you to share it with us.

We are aiming to raise $10,000 by Tuesday 15 March. Funds from this campaign will be used for the materials to realise the design of When the Rain Stops Falling and to assist in the marketing and promotion of our two-season project.



Working with an engineer and an architect we have designed a 7 metre revolve that will twist in different directions with the performers and set sitting on top. This ambitious set piece, and the designs around it, is our key theatrical transportation device, spinning through time and space, reality and dreaming, life and death.

We have received significant support to create this production, including a partnership with Apprenticeships Queensland, support from the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and time and talent from a passionate team of volunteers, yet we require the funds for all design elements, production materials and transportation.


The purpose of bringing the show to Brisbane is to reach new audiences. We can only do this with additional investment within the marketing of the project, and the promotion of our talented team. This $1400 will increase our presence within Brisbane, and provide us with a greater opportunity to provide high quality touch points for our new audience members.


You can claim a variety of rewards for your donation including treats from Normanby Wines, music from Sean Gagen, artwork from LeAnne Vincent, VIP tickets and more.  You can see the full list of awards at our official Pozible page.


Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us at info@thatproductioncompany.com.au.