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How do I donate?

Go to our Pozible page and click DONATE.

Is there a minimum amount I need to donate?

No. Every little bit counts.

Is there a maximum amount I can donate?

No. Bring it on, baby.

Will you stop once you reach $10,000?

No (although we’ll be very, very happy). While our goal is $10,000 the campaigns will stay open until Tuesday 15 March.

How long do I have to donate?

Until Tuesday 15 March.

Am I guaranteed a reward?

There are a limited number of rewards available. You may choose to claim one if there are any still available in that category or you might choose not to claim one and just join in the fun of making a difference with us.

What if you don’t reach your target?

Then anyone who has donated will have their money returned to them, and THAT Production Company will receive none of the donations.  We will still be very, very grateful to everyone who tried to help    

Is THAT Production Company registered as a Deductible Tax Recipient?

THAT Production Company is not currently registered for DGR status.

What if I have no money?

Then help us spread the word by sharing the campaign with your friends and family. Head to our Facebook page to follow and share the adventure.

What’s the meaning of life?

That kind of frequently asked question will be addressed at later date.